VITAMIN C DEFICIENCY- A monkey can develop scurvy as a result of not having"/>
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Primate Nutritional Diseases

VITAMIN C DEFICIENCY- A monkey can develop scurvy as a result of not having enough vitamin C in his diet. Clinical signs are: weak legs, loose teeth, and bleeding gums. Lack of vitamin C has proven to be fatal.

VITAMIN D3 DEFICIENCY- If a monkey does not receive enough vitamin D3 it will develop rickets, a crippling disease. This sometimes can be reversed by 1/4 teaspoon of cod liver oil. Sunlight is also necessary in D3.

VITAMIN A- Lack of vitamin A leads to failure to gain weight, loss of night vision do to retinal damage and degeneration.

VITAMIN E- Provided by polyunsaturated fatty acids and is needed for the muscle system.

VITAMIN K- Is needed to prevent bleeding problems and the decreation of an extended bleeding time.

VITAMIN B1- Deficient causes decreased appetitie and weight loss, weakness, convulsions, and cardiac insufficiency.

VITAMIN B2- Deficiency characterized by weight loss, with motor incoordination and lack of appetite.

VITAMIN B6- Deficiency includes, weight loss, "fatty" liver changes, dental cavities, and arteriosclerosis.

If your monkey is on the proper diet, monkey chow, fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. and the proper amount of sunlight you should not encounter any of these problems, but if your monkey shows symptoms you should take them to your vet.

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