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Infant Primate Care

An infant should be offered nourishing foods and encouraged to eat every two hours. Foods should include fortified baby formula marketed for humans. Never give a newly imported monkey any type of cow's milk. Wait until he is older and has gained strength, and it can be determined whether he can digest it. Some can and some never will be able to. Feed baby foods and dry baby cereals mixed with formula or fruit juice. Boiled chicken is one of the best foods you can offer. Give only distilled water at first because any change of water may cause diarrhea.

Don't try to handle a baby monkey if he is afraid. Let him have his substitute "mother" in his cage, and allow him to come to you when he is ready. Sometimes he will attach himself to you and refuse to let go. If this happens, how lucky you are! A monkey has adopted you, which works out much better than your adopting a monkey who is afraid of you. Let him cling and don't let him feel abandoned. Remember in the jungle a deserted baby would soon be dead, and his instinct seem to tell him so. However, if he is timid at first, talking to him softly and offering food or little things to play with should soon win him over. Put a mirror just outside his so that he will see the monkey in the glass and feel less alone.

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