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 The Ultimate Primate Training

"I would like to take a minute of your time to tell you the importance of this great site and the training that Lisa offers, if you are going to buy a monkey or as I did bought one and then was left all on my own to figure out how to raise her correctly be advised there is no books out there to tell you how to raise a capuchin, let alone a site to teach you live videos just how to do the things properly.  I have searched and search. The lady who sold her to me will not return phone calls or e-mails. so I looked and looked for help, finding this site was a God send! I became a member within mintes and have learned so very much step by step about my baby and how and what to fed her and when, also the trick to no more cutting diapers :) after Lisa's Live tips and proper nutrition my baby has become so much more active and has stopped biting and even loves her baths. The best thing you can ever do for yourself and your baby or even a grown monkey is hook up with Lisa, you will not only find a wealth of knowledge but even better a good friend for LIFE."
Proven on HGTV, Animal Planet and National Geographic, New Primate owners are e-mailing everyday wanting to know the best ways to care for their new Primate members. Remember, these primates are NOT pets, they are companions for LIFE. Each and every technique that you have seen in my shows does not work for every monkey. If you use any techniques on your monkey you could destroy any connection you have had with your primate. No monkey is the same, so I provide a world of video techniques to make sure you have a great companion for life! No monkey needs to sit in a cage, if you have a juvenile that has become aggressive to a 18 year old, it is NEVER too late! I change the lives of many monkeys as well as taking away the fear they have put upon their owners. It's not the monkeys fault, the owners are whom need to be trained, however sometimes it is the primate .

To be able to love your primate once again is the ultimate responsibility in becoming an owner!

My conversations with so many people have shown me there is a real need to offer additional video training programs. I have found myself traveling to so many destinations, therefore I want to be able to help everyone I can, even when I am not available.  I have designed some major personal online programs to get you going in the right direction. I have decided there is a great need for primate owners to learn the proper techniques for taming and training, as well as many other aspects.

People acquiring new primates need guidance on Taming and Training, plus nutritional needs for their primates from infant into adulthood. Nutrition is VERY important and plays an important role in their lives and behavior. Too many primates are NOT receiving proper nutrition and the causes of death are very known. I also see too many monkeys destroying the house and not behaving the way they should in captivity. It isn't the monkeys fault, it's the care takers. They don't know how to properly tame and train these guys and think that by spoiling them at this young age and not providing a balance of taming and training these monkeys need, these monkeys as they grow and develop into adult hood become tough to deal with, biting, and uncontrollable behavior. Don't blame yourself.. There isn't a book YET to teach you just how to have a great companion. Even if there was a book, what could you possibly learn from a book? Every monkey is very different, so the techniques used on your friends monkey is NOT going to work for yours. If a person whom is qualified personally speaks with you and helps guide you, wouldn't you learn? Sure you would. If I place a series of LIVE VIDEOS infront of you, wouldn't you learn??

With the amount of e-mails I receive in asking for my individual one on one help I decided to offer video educational guidance in all aspects of primate care and behavioral modification online. There are too many owners and I can't reach you all, now I have personally made it possible.  Becoming a member allows you to pick the program based on if you have an Infant, Juvenile, or a Adult Primate.  Each program has a set of videos from top to bottom to guide you personally step by step to ensure you have a great companion, however intensive behavioral modification is not included, you will need to contact me personally to inquire which detailed program you need to fix these major issues.  As stated before, every monkey is different, I need to personally see what is going on to fix these serious issues.  There are two ways to fix the major behavioral problems you are experiencin

******SKYPE*******  After you have contacted me for details about your SKYPE program you can begin speaking to me LIVE... It's a FREE software where you can personally see me and I can see you, therefore I can fix these major behavioral issues.

****Personal One on One Training****  This is a personal program Live at your location!  Where I come to you and change the issues you are having or you are more then welcome to pack your bags and come directly to me.  Contact me for details.  NOTE:  This program is designed for any primate owner that has gone through the detailed video programs and still has a uncontrollable primate!

 I have trained all types of primates for over 20 plus years. I also train Capuchins for service animals for the disability. Just because my experience is high in Capuchins doesn't mean if you have a Marmoset, Macaque, Spider, Guenon, Vervet, Tamarin, you can't join. Capuchins are the most popular sold primate today.

Each video program gives you from top to bottom detailed structure.  From the moment you decide to buy a primate, I help you with valuable information about regulations, paperwork, breeders, vets, nutrition, caging, bathing, diapering, lead training, social structure, vocalization, behavior modification and more.  In each video program, you can pick whatever category you are having issues with, or choose the complete program and learn from the begining.  Many owners need to go back to the beginning, to strip what they have done wrong and start all over with a fresh understanding of their primate.

Lui bathing with trainer Lisa
INFANT CARE PROGRAMS: Full 1 year or Choose the Training Videos you need!
Infants are my main goal since they are so fragile and need the proper nutrition and attention. What you do and how you tame and train at the beginning of this infants life is the key factor of having the best behaved primate for the next 30 to 40 years of your life! It is so important primate owners received hands on help from day one from the breeder/broker they receive their primate from. Many breeders/brokers don't give you the proper help to get you started. They are only interested in the money. I offer The infant care Program, and will strive to make sure you know everything to get you started. In this Program I teach you what you must know in behavioral modification, Taming and Training your monkey. Bathing, Nutritional, Vet Care and proper techniques to have a well behaved monkey. The Infant Care program is designed for a complete year to Juvenile stage. The video programs are held in the membership area, sign up now!   If you perfer one on one via-Skype contact me for availbility.   This is where I learn about your monkey and you learn what you from me to properly have a great companion.

Juvenile Care Program: 1 Full Year or Choose the Training Videos you need!
Any Juvenile can be tame and trained.  Don't blame yourself you have gathered all the information you could, until now. Just because they are older and set in their ways doesn't mean they can't be good. I have taken many Juveniles and changed the way they live their lives in their households. Never say, they can't change. With the proper video techniques and by changing the way you have done many things like housing, diet and control, many see a huge change. The biggest problem is owners do not start taming and training when they are infants, and the biting starts, plus many behavioral problems, attacking others, plus other issues which are involved with juveniles. If I can take Juvenile monkeys and make them great companions, so can you. Juveniles do take more time and effort, but what you see in just starting my Video Behavioral Modification class in this stage will pay off in the end. Many care-takers at this point have gotten bit and even gotten scared at this point as the monkeys control them. They rank higher then their care-takers. It can be changed. The Video Behavioral Modification class is a one year development class for members only. I say one year because I have to take this monkey and start from the very beginning and fix everything that went wrong from infant stage which you will see inside, sign up now!  If you perfer one on one via-Skype contact me for availbility.   This is where I learn about your monkey and you learn what you from me to properly have a great companion.

Adult Training Program:  One on One or Choose the Training Videos you need!
Within the member section, you will be able to strip your situation and start from the beginning, however many people have monkeys which are locked up in cages because they have been bitten and now they have become afraid of their monkeys. Many primates live their lives between bars, this is not how they should live. Never say they are broken, it is the people that do not know how to tame and train them, it is not the monkeys fault. When you have lost all hope, never think it can't be fixed. I offer a One on One personal Training, which I come to you, or you pack up and bring the primate and yourself to me. For 5 to 7 full days I will fix all situations so you can have the primate you once had. It's never too late for your monkeys to love you, and trust you. NOTE: Due to the amount of primate owners whom have chosen this program , please contact me personally to see if I can place you in.

Adopting a Unwanted or Older Primate:  Choose a full year or the Training Videos you need!
Adopting a unwanted or older Primate is a major concern and many owners need extra help in this field. Too many people adopt an unwanted or older primate not knowing what they have gotten themselves into. It can even be a dangerous decision for a first time monkey parent. Before making this decision just because you want a cheap monkey, you may end up with the worst decision you ever could of made. Anybody can raise a baby, it's raising a juvenile or a adult. You have no idea what the life of that monkey has had nor do you know why they are really trying to find a new home for that monkey. It takes a very experienced individual to take on a un-wanted monkey. Also many people have gotten bitten seriously and now their adult monkeys are between bars, never think this can not be changed. I can seriously change the way you and your monkey lives.  Sign up today to learn step by step videos of how to have a great older companion.
If you perfer one on one via-Skype contact me for availbility.   This is where I learn about your monkey and you learn what you from me to properly have a great companion.

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Sean and I have always wanted a monkey. I found a 5 yr old White-Throated male capuchin named Shalad. I tried everything to get him to come to, he ate my hands all up, scratches all over my arms, and wrists, where I had to wear ace bandages all over my arms and hands.  After going into this site, it had everything I needed to know, however the choice of having her come and fix everything in just a few days was something I wanted to see for myself.  I flew her to my home to show me what I was doing wrong. From the moment she entered into my home my monkey Shalad was glued to her, she had a way that I have never seen with these monkeys and went right up to the cage and touched my wild monkey. Noody else could do it. She definitely has a way and connection with these monkeys. She watched as Shalad went for me and what I go through the entire day, then the next day she started our session, this was not the same monkey. I was able for the first time to properly hold my monkey, love on him, give him a bath and put diaper on him. Lisa stayed around for 5 days giving me the whole routine of what I needed to do and this women has changed our lives forever. Nothing has changed since she left a year ago, and I now have a great companion for the rest of my life. I can't thank you enough for all you have done for my family. She is the "Monkey Whisperer, and I would do it again. If you don't believe it go watch, "My Child is a Monkey!"
Thanks Lisa. Sean Bortz & Shala

*NOTE: If you join any One on One or SKYPE training program, please be advised this is a training program which you can not cancel for any reason. These spots are reserved for people that truly need and want help.

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