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Topic: Primate Interspecific Associations

Several species of primates are known to associate in the wild. Some of these associations have been extensively studied. In the Tai Forest of Africa several species coordinate anti-predator behavior. These include the Diana Monkey, Campbell's Mona Monkey, Lesser Spot-nosed Monkey, Western Red Colobus, King Colobus and Sooty Mangabey, which coordinate anti-predator alarm calls. Among the predators of these monkeys is the Common Chimpanzee.

The Red-tailed Monkey associates with several species, including the Western Red Colobus, Blue Monkey, Wolf's Mona Monkey, Mantled Guereza, Black Crested Mangabey and Allen's Swamp Monkey. Several of these species are predated on by the Common Chimpanzee.

In South America, squirrel monkeys associate with capuchin monkeys. This may have more to do with foraging benefits to the squirrel monkeys rather than anti-predation benefits