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About MonkeyPro & Lisa Whiteaker

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So many monkeys and not enough professional help!  I have given my life to any owner whom has a primate or primates in the USA & International.  I started in 1993 and became certified in 1995.  Primate Physiology, Transformation, Behavior Modification, Service, Taming, Training, Nutrition, and Vet Care. 

I put myself out in the public, I can handle people whom don't want help for they always come back later when they can't control their monkeys anymore.  Today I have fixed over 2,572 monkeys whom are in their original homes, but there are still over 40,000 in the USA in private homes. 

Selling of primates is a growing phenomena, leaving the sanctuaries with no vacancy.  There needs to be a place where people can come and get professional help.  The techniques you receive are critical to how your monkey turns out.  Taming begins the day you receive your monkey, not after they have become aggressive.  Any age can be fixed, if I can do it, so can you with my guidance.  It pays to do it right, to enjoy and be a rewarding caretaker to a primate.
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