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Monkeypro's main purpose is to teach owners how to have a great monkey as a companion.

Today there is a real need for this kind of website, a site designed for you and your primate. I have spoken to thousands of people, many of whom need to know many critical techniques to help them get past the aggression behavior. Let's face it, anyone can raise an infant, it is raising a juvenile to an adult. There are NO BOOKS to raising a primate, let alone step by step demonstration showing you just how to fix the most talked about issues today. This is the site, within this massive site is a comfortable place for you and your primate. You will be able to see live videos of how I fix many issues, plus great tips to ensure you receive what you personally need. Sharing my life and achievements with you is an honor, I love what I do and I will not stop. For every monkey I save in their original homes is a monkey loved, nurtured and well behaved.

Here is the open door which all of you owners wanted, a place to learn. So come on in and let me show you how it is done.

You can also find me on LIVE CHAT or leave a message and I'll be glad to get back to you!

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Members Speak Out
"Did you know that Lisa not only is a trainer, she saved my primates life! I had called Lisa about my male capuchin, he had a reaction to something. I had noticed his breathing was not normal and I didn't know what to do. I am 5 hours away to our vet. I called Lisa and she was awesome and professional. She guided me to everything I needed to do besides calming me down so I could help Dexter. Lisa saved Dexter, I would of never made it to the vet. Every day I thank this wonderful lady, her knowledge of primates is outstanding, more then any vet I have encountered. I'm glad to have her, specially in an emergency. Lisa never receives the credit of what she really does. Thank you Lisa!"
-Donna & Dexter

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